‘Kuumba’ has meanings across languages and continents -  In Hindi, Kuumba means ‘family/tribe’ as well as ‘of the earth’.

We have related to its African roots - In Swahili, Kuumba translates as ‘creativity’, but as a principle and practice, it means channeling creativity to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.


Studio Kuumba works with and is creating the next generation of the Indian artisan community. Kuumba has been learning about the challenges faced by these communities, understanding their ambitions and aspirations, developing ways of working and designing solutions.

We co-create beautiful products with the community, preserve/sustain traditional knowledge systems that integrate technology and industry, and facilitate crossovers.

Our Philosophy


We believe in facilitating a true and transparent exchange of aesthetics, access, knowledge, ideas, design thinking and of course, remuneration. Through crossover, we work with the true potential of artisans and are on a journey with them as they become designers and entrepreneurs in their own right.

Cultural Preservation
Cultural Preservation

Kuumba is preserving traditional knowledge systems, and creating a new dialogue around Indian crafts, as well as building the next generation of the artisan community.  We are developing solutions around the problems of generational knowledge, access, livelihood and ambition while ensuring that the traditional art form and community not only survive, but grow and thrive.


Our model is that of co-creation and exchange with the artisan community - this plays out through educational workshops, creating transparent systems of design and development, and sharing revenue and authorship with each of the artisans who are part of our team.


We create
designs & demand
We create designs & demand

We blend contemporary design and traditional techniques to create a unique aesthetic of understated elegance. Together with our partners and master artisans, we continually explore, experiment, and innovate with natural materials and processes to come up with original, relevant, and stunning creations

We share
revenue and profit
We share revenue and profit

We celebrate centuries-old craftsmanship passed on through the generations. We work in partnership with the master artisans and their communities, and work on a model of shared authorship as well as revenue for each of the designs and products. We strive to sell our products at reasonable prices while ensuring the artisans and the communities that created them get a fair share.

We grow
We grow communities

We work with communities and individuals as they become designers and entrepreneurs in their own right.
Through design and material workshops, design training, research, community sessions and technology, we create knowledge systems, exchanges, and collective engagement.

Our Believers & Collaborators

Our Team

Studio Kuumba is founded by Himani More, a designer and entrepreneur based in Mumbai. With a decade of experience studying and working as a print and textile designer, she has set up Kuumba through an intentional and thoughtful process over two years. Now, Kuumba is a team of passionate people with a common vision and mission — of foregrounding not just Indian arts and artisans, but the stories and knowledge systems behind them; and building the next generation of Indian artisans and entrepreneurs. 

  • Himani More

    Founder, CEO
    Textile Designer

  • Shweta Mulekar


  • Advait More

    Producer (Media)

  • Aarthi Parthasarathy

    Content Writer

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